Movement Can Alleviate Labor and Birth Pain

Movement & Labor and Birth Pain Relief

Movement therapy, though not in name, has been around for as long as people. The thought that moving, exercising, and stretching feels nice comes as no surprise to most people. Recently, though, studies have begun to look into movement as a form of pain relief, and the results look good. At Missouri Midwifery, mothers are encouraged to move in any way and do whatever they can that relaxes them before their labor and birth. We encourage mothers to move about if they want because this movement not only distracts them from pain but also relieves some of the pain itself.

Staying Active Relieves Pain

Movement during the labor and birth process acts as a great distraction to mothers in pain. The more time you have to think about the pain, the more intense it will feel. If you have ever lain in bed sick for a considerable amount of time, you know that being stationary for too long can cause soreness and stiffness in your joints and muscles.

Movement stimulates certain brain receptors that control pain reception. You do not need to be in constant motion, but at Missouri Midwifery, we don’t believe you need to lie in bed during your labor and birth process. Feel free to move around the room and to sit in different positions. If you feel the urge to step into the shower or the soaking tub, do so. Warm water, a bit of exercise, and deep breathing can go a long way toward relaxing you.

Positions that Work for You

When you allow yourself to move around during your labor and birth process, you get to explore different positions of comfort and relaxation. Moving into a different position often moves the focus of the pain to a new position. As your contractions get stronger, you can begin to explore what positions feel right for your body. At Missouri Midwifery, we believe the labor and birth process is about the mother’s experience and not about the provider’s schedule and convenience. Mothers benefit from finding positions that will help them during their natural birth process.

Missouri Midwifery Puts The Focus on Your Labor and Birth

Missouri Midwifery offers free range of movement, comforting soaking tubs, and the choice of positioning for all mothers during their labor and birth process. An experienced certified nurse midwife works one-on-one with you to give you the attention you need to make your natural birth a positive experience. If you are interested in our services, talk to Missouri Midwifery today.

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