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Missouri Midwifery believes that natural birth can empower women.  A nurse midwife would be happy to answer questions related to  well woman exams, prenatal care, labor and birth, postpartum care, and breastfeeding support.  With the combination of medical and personal experience, our certified nurse midwives would be happy to address questions or concerns that are individually tailored to your needs. Feel free to contact us by phone, email, or our Facebook page!

When to Contact Missouri Midwifery

Midwife as Primary Care Provider

Given our name and our primary function as a women’s health clinic, you might think there is no need to contact us unless you are expecting, but that’s not exactly true! A certified nurse midwife is often the primary care provider for women and babies at  rural clinics, birth centers, or hospitals. Certified midwifery credentials are considered by the state of Missouri as equivalent to advanced practice nurses. This puts certified nurse midwives in the same category as nurse practitioners, only the midwife will specialize in women and baby health care, making her the perfect primary medical practitioner for you before, during, or after your birth process.

Well Woman Exam

So much more than a dreaded annual check up, the well woman exam benefits women of all ages by providing a relaxed and open environment. The atmosphere of our well woman exams empower you to ask questions and take full control of your reproductive health. A Missouri Midwifery midwife will answer any questions concerning your health.

Breastfeeding Support and Well Baby Exams

Not every woman is a good candidate for giving birth outside of a hospital. Due to complications or other factors, you may have undergone your labor and birth process at a hospital. This does not in any way exclude you from visiting Missouri Midwifery for a postpartum or newborn exam. If you would like to monitor your baby’s development and growth or if you are experiencing hardship with breastfeeding, we encourage you to contact us. We know that many mothers want to provide for their babies in a natural way. We want to support and empower those mothers in any way we can.

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If any of our services appeal to you, please do not hesitate to call us at (417) 616-3114. We also take emails at You can use the form below to ask any questions if it’s easier. It’s never too early or too late to get started on a path of natural health. Take care of yourself and your child today with Missouri Midwifery.

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