Choosing the Right Position for Natural Birth

Best Positions for Natural Birth

When giving birth, mothers need to find ways to ease pain and get comfortable. Childbirth is considered one of the most intense human experiences. With the right pain relief strategies and breathing techniques coupled with a natural birth laboring position perfectly suited for your body, however, you can give birth without medication. Women have done it for centuries, and many women find natural birth empowering. Finding a position that works for you is important to making this experience a positive one.

Common Positions for Natural Birth

A certified nurse midwife looks after you during your labor and birth, but they do not restrict you. They advise and work with you to make your experience both positive and healthy. A certified nurse midwife will not tell you certain positions are better than others. They will not urge you to lie back down when contractions get closer together or stronger. Instead, they encourage you to listen to your body. Missouri Midwifery has put a list together for anyone interested in discovering different positions before beginning the labor and birth process.

Standing Assisted Squat

Though the most tiring position on our list, the supported squat is extremely good at using gravity in your favor. Have your partner hold their arms out from their chest and hang each of your arms over theirs. Put your weight on them and move into a standing squat. This position moves your pelvic joint, which opens up the birth canal for your child.

Semi-Sitting & Sitting

Great positions during labor and leading up to your natural birth, semi-sitting and sitting allow you to rest and your certified nurse midwife to check your baby’s vitals easier.

Squatting with Exercise Ball

Hold onto or wrap your hands around your exercise ball and lower into a squatting position. This position, though not as difficult as the standing assisted squat, can get tiring. It gives you the ability to center your weight on one side or another and backwards or forwards. Again gravity works in your favor, and this position often helps rotate your baby. You dilate faster in this position than in many other positions, sometimes as much as 2 centimeters.

Lying on Your Side

Simple and easy, this position allows you to rest while also lowering chances of tearing. If your  birth is moving too fast, slow it down by moving onto your side. This allows you to relax some while still allowing contraction to be effective.


Effective at distracting you from labor and birth pain, walking also reduces backache. While too much walking isn’t always recommended if you have high blood pressure, the movement helps descent by moving your baby into position with your pelvis.

Natural Birth at Missouri Midwifery

The midwives at Missouri Midwifery Service take pride in fostering the perfect environment for your birth. We put mothers first during the entire labor and birth process. If this way of giving birth interested you, let Missouri Midwifery know. We’d love to have you.

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