Certified Nurse Midwife

The nurse-midwife provides antepartum, intrapartum, postpartum, family planning and routine well-woman health care for community residents. The midwife is directly responsible to the Medical Director and the Board of Directors for professional actions and conduct.


  • Currently licensed to practice midwifery in Missouri as a Certified Nurse Midwife or legal in Missouri (and certified to practice nationally) 
  • Is approved for employment by the Board of Directors, the Medical Director and passes a screening background check.
  • Is in agreement with the policies and philosophy of care at Missouri Midwifery Service (MMS)


  • Manages the care and gives direct client services to families in all areas of maternity, newborn and family planning care (according to the standards of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, the American Association of Birth Centers, and the policies, procedures and clinical practice guidelines of Missouri Midwifery Service (MMS) and Missouri Mennonite Clinic (MMC).
  • Manages the care of low-risk individuals who present to her at various points in the childbearing cycle.
  • Co-manages with the physician, according to established risk criteria, the care of women who develop problems, upon agreement of both the physician and the CNM.
  • Refers to medical management, according to established risk criteria, any woman who develops complications which, in the judgment of either or both the physician and CNM, are best managed by the physician.
  • Plans and provides continuing health supervision and education to all individuals under her care.
  • Consults with and refers to other members of the health-care team and/or community resources as indicated.
  • Consults with the physician, according to the established risk criteria, regarding any client who develops symptoms of medical or obstetrical complications.
  • Works with the physician in the care of women or newborns with complications, while transfer to the medical management is conducted.


  • upon initiation of employment the CNM will be responsible for attendance at sessions that will acquaint her with her duties. She will be expected to read and understand the center’s policies and procedure manual in its entirety.
  • It will be the CNM responsibility to keep the answering service informed as to how she can be reached when she is on-call. She should remain consistently available to receive call either by cell phone, home phone or pager when on-call for births.
  • The CNM staff is responsible for covering all shifts and holidays. Schedules will be made by the Medical Director or a member of the nursing staff.