Missouri Midwifery Team

Meet The Team

We, at Missouri Midwifery, are all experts in women’s care, but just as importantly, we are listeners, educators, and guardians. No matter what your path, our goal is always a safe, supported, and joyful birth experience.

Dr. Mark Grant

MD, Medical Director

Dr. Mark Grant has practiced Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Columbia, Missouri since 1993. Over the years, Dr. Grant has had the pleasure of serving thousands of mid-Missouri families, providing fetal  diagnostics and ultrasound, and caring for those with high-risk pregnancy. The Center of Maternal-Fetal Care has earned a reputation of excellence due to the philosophy espoused by Dr. Grant, who believes every effort should be extended to achieve the best  outcome for each woman and child, and care should always be compassionate and thorough, never rushed.

Dr. Grant works especially hard to assist mothers in reducing risk of premature birth and recurrent pregnancy loss, the most prevalent and significant problems in obstetrics today. He has developed programs to reduce risk for all pregnancies, believing a proactive approach is best. He encourages strategies to lower risk prior to pregnancy and during pregnancy, whenever possible. Dr. Grant does not do deliveries, but is available to consult with any patient who is pregnant or contemplating pregnancy.

Primary Specialty:

Maternal-Fetal Medicine

High Risk Pregnancy Consultation, Fetal Diagnostics

Obstetric and Gynecologic Ultrasound

Board Certifications:

Obstetrics and Gynecology

Maternal-Fetal Medicine


Robyn McHugh

Certified Nurse Midwife – APRN, CNM, Administrator 

Robyn McHugh has practiced as a nurse and midwife, serving the Mennonite community since 2008. Over the years, Robyn McHugh (CNM) has had the pleasure of serving hundreds of women choosing the midwifery model of  care for their pregnancies and births. Shared decision making is offered to all the families Robyn McHugh serves, for she believes that only the mother herself can truly give “prenatal care” to her unborn child. Robyn sees her role as a nurse midwife as one of advocate, providing anticipatory guidance and education for women during their pregnancies and births. She encourages women to contact her anytime they have concerns regarding their pregnancies.

Robyn McHugh originally began practicing as a Certified Professional Midwife, attending births in low resource settings. However, Robyn McHugh believes that mothers deserve the highest level of training and education available, to ensure best outcomes for mothers and their newborns. Thus, Robyn McHugh went back to graduate level nursing school and completed her degree and certification as a Certified Nurse Midwife in 2016.

Connie Knight

Certified Nurse Midwife – MSN, APRN, CNM

Connie obtained her Masters of Science in Nursing in 2019 from the University of Cincinnati. She has worked locally for the past 28 years, and has been caring for clients in labor and delivery at a local hospital for the last 20. She looks forward to continuing care for clients in a different role. Connie feels being an advocate for mothers and their newborns is essential in making their birth experience special. She believes in the midwifery model of care and believes in allowing families with low risks to have the ability to choose their birth experience and location.

Emma Troyer

Birth Assistant


Shawndee Knight

Registered Nurse – RN

Shawndee Knight is a Registered Nurse who works in the clinic and attends births in the Springfield location, as well in Versailles as needed. She has her Bachelor of Science in nursing, certified in CPR/BLS and neonatal resuscitation and has worked in obstetric nursing for the last 20 years. Shawndee has been married to her husband Mike for 23 years. They have 3 children which they home-schooled for many years, two of which are currently in college.

Lucinda Schmidt

Registered Nurse – RN

Jessica Johnson-Hadd

Registered Nurse – RN

Jessica is a registered nurse who works in the Versailles clinic and attends births in the Springfield and Versailles location. She graduated college in 2016 and has her Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She is certified in CPR/BLS, Neonatal Resuscitation and Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support. Jessica plans to continue her nursing career in the obstetric field during the most challenging, enlightening and joyful moments as families bring in a new member to their family.

Veda Gonzalez

Office Staff Manager

Veda Gonzalez manages the office, occasionally assists with births, and uses her art & photography skills to design forms and decorate walls. She has been a professional photographer for over 35 years; she was married to a loving and faithful man and together they raised and home-schooled six children.