Natural Methods to Stimulate Labor and Birth

  How to Stimulate Labor and Birth So you’ve made it to the final stretch of your pregnancy. Your baby bump has steadily gotten bigger, and the amount of your feet that you can see when you stand up and look down has steadily gotten smaller. When you are in the last week leading up […]

Natural Birth: What is a High-Risk Pregnancy?

Natural Birth and High Risk Pregnancy At Missouri Midwifery, our focus is to provide excellent holistic care to expectant mothers and their babies. We specialize in natural birth. Because we don’t use medical intervention unless absolutely necessary, we only work with low-risk pregnancies. You may be wondering what factors determine whether a pregnancy is low […]

Choosing the Right Position for Natural Birth

Best Positions for Natural Birth When giving birth, mothers need to find ways to ease pain and get comfortable. Childbirth is considered one of the most intense human experiences. With the right pain relief strategies and breathing techniques coupled with a natural birth laboring position perfectly suited for your body, however, you can give birth without […]

How to Support Your Partner during Her Natural Birth

  Support Your Partner Before & After Her Natural Birth So often tv, film, and popular culture make labor and birth look like something a woman must do alone. While in some ways that is the case and sometimes a necessity because of a mother’s situation, there are ways partners can make this journey a […]

Labor and Birth Breathing Practices

  Labor and Birth: Yogic Breathing Everyone has watched a scene in their favorite sitcom or film of a woman giving birth. We see her face filled with panic, hair stuck to the sweat on her brow, and her breathing shallow and quick. She struggles with the pain, and someone, either the dashing doctor or […]

Missouri Midwifery: Breastfeeding Advice for New Moms

Breastfeeding Advice from Missouri Midwifery At Missouri Midwifery, we believe breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your new baby. There are a number of benefits for your little one and for you as a new mom. That being said, sometimes breastfeeding doesn’t come as easily as you may have hoped. […]

Movement Can Alleviate Labor and Birth Pain

Movement & Labor and Birth Pain Relief Movement therapy, though not in name, has been around for as long as people. The thought that moving, exercising, and stretching feels nice comes as no surprise to most people. Recently, though, studies have begun to look into movement as a form of pain relief, and the results […]