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Coronavirus (Covid-19)Message Update

We recognize that the recent spread of the viral pandemic, Covid-19, is an unprecedented challenge to everyone in our community. We are all in this together and wish to express gratitude to the first responders and health care providers who are serving childbearing families during the current crisis. If you are currently expecting a baby, the concerns and questions you may have regarding Covid-19 are justified. Please access the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services' Covid-19 website page for further information.

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Welcome to Missouri Midwifery!

Mother and child

Missouri Midwifery Service (MMS) is a full service clinic in Missouri offering prenatal and birth services for low-risk women. We offer a full range of healthcare for women, including holistic care during the prenatal, birth and postpartum periods of the childbearing experience. An experienced nurse midwife by your side allows you to experience the best pregnancy and birth possible for you and your new baby. MMS has tailored the environment here, to promote relaxation and comfort to mothers during their low risk pregnancies and births. We, as staff of MMS, focus on providing safe support for each woman, with care options individualized to her health preferences and needs.

Our Medical Director is a Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist. He offers his expert services as an advocate for families we are serving, providing morphology services to every patient. Additionally, he is providing medical recommendations for care and ready to proactively collaborate and communicate with many other medical providers on behalf of those we are serving. He aims to help each family we are serving achieve the safest outcome possible, individualized to thier circumstances.

If a mother chooses to give birth in a hospital or to receive pain medication, we can accommodate her wishes. We care most about mothers, babies and families. We believe the birth process to be an intimately empowering, deeply rewarding experience. We, as staff members at MMS, do everything in our power to ensure each mother's birth experience builds her confidence and connection as a mother and as a woman.

Added Benefits of Missouri Midwifery

Well Woman Exam

BirthCentered Provides Relaxing Experiences for Natural Birth

Missouri Midwifery provides prenatal care in the form of informational visits, meaningful discussions, and well woman exams. Our well woman exams are more intimate and relaxed than typical. Here, a certified nurse midwife performs any necessary exams, but most importantly, she takes the time to provide a relaxed, open atmosphere. She encourages you to ask questions and provides in-depth answers. Little is more important than providing the perfect environment for your natural birth, and well woman exams create a trusting relationship between you and your certified nurse midwife that will make that environment a reality.

Certified Nurse Midwife Care: Newborn Care, Postpartum Care, and Breastfeeding Support

Midwifery care continues beyond labor and birth. We encourage immediate skin-to-skin contact and breastfeeding. This skin-to-skin contact helps stabilize and regulate your baby’s temperature, heart beat, and breathing rate. Skin-to-skin contact often helps your baby latch on during breastfeeding. The benefits of breastfeeding are well documented, and these include providing your baby with basic nutrition, protecting your baby from stomach viruses and other illnesses, reducing your stress levels, and potentially reducing your risk of certain types of cancer.

Filing of Birth Certificate and Newborn Screenings

Initial postpartum visits after delivery begin within 24-48 hours and continue for up to eight weeks after you give birth. We help with filing your child’s birth certificate, and we provide the state-mandated newborn screening. These checkups also help us monitor how well your child is taking to breastfeeding, and we provide any postpartum support necessary.

Missouri Midwifery Service is Dedicated to Mothers and Babies

We are a team of dedicated nurses and midwives, with the overarching supportive leadership of the medical director, who is an obstetrician, gynecologist and maternal fetal medicine specialist. Contact Missouri Midwifery today to discuss your pregnancy and birthing process. We would love to talk to you!Call 417-616-3114 • missourimidwifery@gmail.com 3840 South Avenue Springfield, Mo. 65807

Call 417-616-3114 • missourimidwifery@gmail.com


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